BeetClock is a record-keeping app designed to meet the unique needs of small farmers.
Use your smartphone to track the time you invest in every crop.

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Use BeetClock with the whole farm crew!

We just released BeetClock version 1.3 for iOS, which allows everyone in the farm crew to send work records to a single Google Sheets workbook!

Download the workbook template here, put it on your Google Drive, share it with the crew, and gather records from everyone!

Why BeetClock?

BeetClock was conceived by a small-scale, diversified vegetable farmer to help manage time and labor on the farm. BeetClock is a better way for farmers to track the labor and equipment hours that go into every crop. Accurate recordkeeping from seeding to sale is essential in order to know which crops are truly profitable. Were all the hours spent hand-harvesting snap peas really worth it? Now there’s an easy way to find out.

With BeetClock, you can make detailed records of your work from the field with just a few taps of your smartphone. Plus, all BeetClock users have the option to seamlessly integrate their data with the NOFA Enterprise Analysis Workbook, a powerful whole-farm recordkeeping system.

What BeetClock Can Do

BeetClock users enjoy these features and more:

  • Accuracy. Use BeetClock's job timer to keep a detailed log of your work hours from the field. Track any number of ongoing jobs simultaneously or log hours after the fact.
  • Connectivity. Easily transfer records from your smartphone to your computer or the NOFA Enterprise Analysis Workbook.
  • Adaptability. Customize crops, jobs and equipment to suit your needs.

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