NOFA Enterprise Analysis Workbook

BeetClock integrates data seamlessly with the NOFA Enterprise Analysis Workbook, a whole-farm recordkeeping system developed by Richard Wiswall, author of The Organic Farmer's Business Handbook. The Enterprise Analysis Workbook helps farmers keep track of all farm expenses and construct budgets for each individual crop.

Download the NOFA Enterprise Analysis Workbook for free!

Beetclock can send labor hours and equipment hours directly to the Enterprise Analysis Workbook. The app can also synchronize its list of tractors and implements with those listed in the workbook.

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Getting started with BeetClock and the Enterprise Analysis Workbook:

  • For BeetClock to send work times to your workbook and synch equipment, you will need to have your copy of the Enterprise Analysis Workbook located in your Google Drive.
  • First, log in to your Google Drive account and upload the workbook to your Google Drive. Then, in the Google Drive files viewer, right click on the workbook, mouse over Open With, and select Google Sheets. This will create a new copy of the file in your Google Drive that BeetClock can read and edit.

Sending work times to your Enterprise Analysis Workbook:

  • In Android: To send work times to your Enterprise Analysis Workbook, select Fill NOFA Workbook in the BeetClock menu.
  • In iOS (iPhone): Open BeetClock and tap 'View/export records' in the upper right menu bar, then tap 'Export records' in the menu bar. Tap 'Send records to workbook' and make sure the 'Enterprise Analysis' option is blacked in.
  • You will first be prompted to select a Google account – select the account where your NOFA workbook is stored. Then use the drop down menus to select the file name of the NOFA workbook, and the name of the sheet within the workbook that you want to write to. This should be one of the crop budget sheets. Then select the name of the crop that you want to write to this sheet.
  • Finally, select the start date for the data by tapping 'Select a New Date' (Android) or 'Select start date' (iOS) and picking the date on the spinners. This will write all records since this date onto the crop budget sheet. When everything is set, tap Write to Workbook to write your data to the NOFA workbook.
  • The app will fill in the Person Hours and Equipment Hours columns of the selected crop budget sheet in your NOFA workbook.
Send data to NOFA workbook

Synchronizing equipment with your Enterprise Analysis Workbook:

  • BeetClock can synchronize its list of tractors and implements with the tractors and implements listed in your Enterprise Analysis workbook. This will help you to keep track of equipment hours in the field.
  • In Android: To synchronize equipment, navigate to the Manage Equipment screen in the BeetClock menu. Then tap the button next to Import Equipment. Select the name of the workbook you would like to import from, and tap Import Equipment.
  • In iOS (iPhone): Beginning in the Timer view, tap either 'Select implement' or 'Select tractor'. Tap '+' in the menu bar, and then tap 'Import equipment'. Tap the Google sign in button that appears, choose the Google account you want to use, and say yes when the app requests permission to access your Google drive. Tap the Select a file button that appears, and select the name of the workbook containing the tractors and implements you want to import. Then tap 'Import equipmet' to import!NOTE: In Android, importing equipment will erase the previous list of equipment in BeetClock. In iOS, importing will NOT eraise your previous list of equipment.