Adding or removing crops, jobs or equipment

  • To add or delete a crop, tap Manage crops in the BeetClock menu. If you want to add a crop, enter the new crop name in the text field and tap Add Crop. If you want to delete a crop, select the crop name on the dropdown menu and tap Delete Crop. To add or delete jobs or equipment, the steps are basically the same.
  • When you add a new job in the Manage jobs screen, you will need to select a category for the job (either Soil Prep, Cultivation, or Post-Harvest).
  • In the Manage equipment screen you can add or delete equipment by hand, or import equipment from a NOFA Enterprise Analysis Workbook stored on your Google Drive. To import, tap Get Equipment from NOFA Workbook. You will be prompted to select your Google account, and you will then be able to select the name of the workbook that you want. When you tap Get Equipment, the current list of equipment in BeetClock will be replaced by the names from your NOFA workbook. Note that this will not change the equipment names in previously saved records.

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Adding or removing equipment