Tracking a job in progress

  • When you begin work on a job, open BeetClock. On the main screen, select the crop you are working with and the job you are doing in the dropdown menus. Then enter and the number of workers involved in the text field if it is more than just yourself.
  • You can also indicate one or more pieces of equipment (i.e. tractors, tractor implements) being used. Select each piece of equipment you are using, and tap the + button to add whatever equipment you wish.
  • When everything is set, tap the Start Timer button. A new button will appear that says something like “Harvest: Harvest Beans (started 01:27:PM): Press to Stop”.
  • When the job is finished, just tap the "press to stop" button and the record of your job will be saved to the app. In the mean time you can start new tasks and even close and re-open BeetClock. This will not interrupt the task in progress.

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