Tracking a job in progress

  • When you open BeetClock you will be presented with the Timer view. This allows you to start timing a job when you begin work, and stop when it is over. When you stop the timer, a record of your work will be saved to the database.
  • To start a new timer, you must select a crop and choose a job. Tap 'Select crop' and choose from the list of existing crops. If your crop is not on the list, tap '+' on the upper right menu bar to add a new crop. Follow the same steps to choose a job.
  • You have the option to assign a tractor and tractor implement to the work record. Follow the steps above to choose your tractor and implement, or skip this step if you're not using equipment.
  • Then enter the number of workers doing this job. If you skip this step, the timer will default to one worker.
  • You also have the option to make a note about this job. Enter your note in the 'Notes' text box, or leave it blank if you wish.
  • Tap ‘Start timer’, and you will see a new entry appear in the list below the start timer button.
  • To stop a work timer just tap the corresponding entry in the list below the Start timer button. When you stop the timer, your work record will be saved to the permanent database.
  • NOTE: You can have an unlimited number of work timers going at once. The timers will keep going if you close the BeetClock app, or even turn off your phone.

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