Sending data to your email inbox

  • BeetClock allows you to send a spreadsheet summarizing your data on how much time (person hours and equipment hours) was invested in each job for each crop (for example, trellising tomatoes) to any email address. This .csv spreadsheet can be opened in Microsoft Excel or any comparable program. The email also includes a raw data spreadsheet listing every entry you have made in BeetClock.
  • In the BeetClock menu, select Email report. If you want records since a given date, enter that date by tapping the Select a New Date button. If you skip this step, you will get a report of all records since you started using BeetClock.
  • To send the report, enter a name you wish to send as (this will appear in the subject line of the email), and the address you wish to send to. Then tap Send Report! A popup message will appear when the report has been successfully sent.

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