Sending data to any email account

  • Beginning in the Timer view, tap ‘View records’ in the menu bar, and then tap ‘Export records’. Tap the Email report button, and you will be presented with an email composer view.
  • If you want to email a report consisting of records since a certain date (for example, records taken this week), tap ‘Select start date’ before tapping ‘Email report’, and select the appropriate start date.
  • The composer view that appears when you tap ‘Email report’ indicates that the email will contain two attachments. The first attachment consists of a summary of the records for each crop, and the second attachment is a raw list of all work records, arranged by date.
  • To send the email, enter the address(es) of one or more recipients, set the subject line, and enter any additional content you want to include in the body of the email. Then tap ‘Send’ in the menu bar.
  • NOTE: The email functionality will ONLY work if you have the iOS Mail app configured for an email account. Check here for information on how to configure the Mail app.

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