Moving BeetClock records to a new phone

  • BeetClock allows you to export all your work records from one phone and import them into another. Go to the Manage Records screen and select Export all records to file.
  • This will create a file in the Downloads folder of your phone with a name like “BeetClockRecords160403033329.csv”. If you have multiple export files, the most recent one will have the highest number in its name.
  • Transfer your export file to the Downloads folder of your new phone and install BeetClock on the new phone. Then select the file name on the Manage Records screen, enter the word “import” in the text box, and tap Import Records.
  • This will import your old records into the new copy of BeetClock. Keep in mind this will also erase any existing records saved in the new copy of BeetClock..

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Transferring records